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Hai Phong

Hai Phong   I thought I would finally write a post about Hai Phong - a city that became my home for 6 months in the north of Vietnam. Hai Phong is located in North-East Vietnam - 1 hour from Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. It is an industrial city and is the third largest city in all of the country. It is also a huge trading port and one of the busiest in South East Asia. The main city is urban with crazy traffic, independent businesses and moto-entrepreneurs (people sell food and all sorts on their motorbikes!). The first thing that pops into your head when you step into this busy city is how on earth am I going to cross the road! Secondly, the smell of pollution instantly halves your lung capacity and thirdly, no one speaks English, how will I get by! I was in for an experience of a lifetime and I was ready. Beautiful Hai Phong The first week of living here was a whirlwind. I have lived in cities before but this was different. Finding our way around was a mission and loo

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